Encouraging Your Boy to Get Involved in the Kitchen

Today’s technology has forever changed the way we play games.  In the past, cooking games were played with plastic kitchen sets full of pots, pans, and tiny cooking utensils or dry mixes cooked to perfection by a light bulb.

Today, playing a cooking game online is as simple as logging onto your computer and downloading the game of your choice.  These games can also be easily accessed on your tablet or phone. Since many of the online games are free, they are more cost efficient, and last a lot longer than the plastic toys of the past.
No longer do we live in a society that strictly defines our children by traditional gender roles.  Toys and games are becoming less popular, and are now being replaced by online cooking games. Among those jumping on the bandwagon are boys.  Since cooking involves special skills that are also applied in both math and science, cooking games for boys can be highly entertaining and educational. Online cooking games are the safest and least messy way to get your son involved in the kitchen.
Benefits Your Son Will Get
1. Entertainment- online cooking games can be a great way for your child to learn to entertain himself, and play alone.  They also work well when played as a team game with a friend or sibling. Sitting down and watching your child play, or playing the game with them is an excellent opportunity to discuss ingredients they have learned about, as well as ones you most often cook with.  You can put what your child has learned to the test by having them accompany you to the grocery store and identify the ingredients they see.
2. Educational advantages- the easiest way for a child to learn is by playing games.  Games intrigue the child, and help the information stick in their mind. By playing cooking games your child will begin to understand and relate to what is occurring in their own kitchen. They will soon be able to identify kitchen utensils, and know what they are used for. Your child will also learn cooking procedures such as knead, sauté, and sear. 
To keep your child from over indulging and playing online games for hours at a time, you can take the information that you’ve learned and use it to make up your own games.  This will help you and your child learn together, as well as boost their self-esteem and confidence.

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